Die Teile sind durch einen einfachen, aber robusten Mechanismus sowie die Bindungsaufnahmen . These halves become skis for travelling uphill. A splitboard is a essentially a normal snowboard which splits into two halves. To stop the rider sliding backwards . Built by snowboarders, for snowboarders. Snowleader has a great selections of splitboards and splitboard bindings, with expert advice to help you choose the right combination. Browse through brands like Burton, Jones, Kand more.

Voile Universal Splitboard Binding. Prior Spearhead XTC Carbon Splitboard – Men’s . Snowboard Addiction 870views 11:40. No crowds, hardly any noise.

Just the natural sounds and sights of the backcountry and endless untracked lines to pick. Blurring the lines between snowboarding and ski touring, recent advances in splitboard technology and spearheading from legendary riders such as Jeremy . Your splitboard will be an extension of your body in undeniably committing situations. Choosing a splitboard is an important decision.