The next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control and 360˚ visibility. Intelligent Cranium is a revolutionary technology based company . Experience total spacial awareness and comfort unmatched by any other helmet. The Sena Smart Helmet combines the best Noise-Control and bluetooth technologies to provide a safe and quiet ride.

Cyclists should gear up for improved rides with smart helmets.

From those with lights built in, . Borderless is raising funds for CrossHelmet – the smart motorcycle helmet on Kickstarter! The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle . Where are the affordable, true smart helmets ? EcoCell USA has created one by the name of PLY, and it promises some great features for as . The new Skully Fenix AR smart motorcycle helmets feature pretty much all the tech from the original. SOS spot beacon are all features in the new smart helmets.

Client case: In partnership with a client, the Innovation Zone has developed a smart helmet in order to improve safety and quality at construction sites.

Smart helmet with sensors for accident prevention. Abstract: The impact when a motorcyclist involves in a high speed accident without wearing a helmet is very . Jarvish Smart Helmet Malaysia, Puchong Batu Dua Belas, Selangor, Malaysia. Have you ever been cruising down the roa wondering to yourself “An add-on Bluetooth . Int J Adv Innovat Thoughts Ideas 3:159.

Two students developed an intelligent helmet that measures the force of impact in the event of its user sustaining a fall and issues an emergency . Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. Jarvish, the Taiwan-based startup building smart helmets for motorcycle riders, is introducing Amazon Alexa integration into its upcoming X-AR . The Quin Smart Helmet is a one-of-a-kin Bluetooth-integrated smart helmet that boasts a simple, lightweight design, stylish appearance, and . Sena announces the initial shipments of the Bluetooth Integrated Momentum, Momentum Lite, and Momentum INC Smart Helmets. Turn your helmet into a smart helmet.

Ahead is made by analogue plus. The Smart Helmet Clip is an industrial-grade wearable device that facilitates safer productivity in heavy industries. It has a modular sensor suite that enables . CROMO SMART , conceived for the rider in search of the typical KEP Italia look and safety standards combined with a restrained price. Pictured: innovators and former University of NSW (UNSW) graduates, Julian Chow and Alfred Boyadgis with their smart helmet system the Alpine Forcite EON.

Tworeality along with Realmore were the first ones to launch the AR Smart Assistance project in Spain, Daqri smart helmet.

The helmet for the digital age. A feature packed helmet is coming to change the way you ride.