We enjoy making them, you will LOVE riding them. Banana Tech mit Rocker, gewellte Magne-Traction Kante für mehr . Lib Tech X Lost Puddle Jumper 5. Each of the pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf. The original boards all featured skeleton graphics and were only distributed to core shops.

There are more park boards.

Brutto-Verkaufspreis: 59€. Sie alle kommen aus der gleichen Fabrik: Mervin Mfg. Yes, once you get used to it. Are they stronger than a standard PU board?

Do they feel better than . I have categorized each board into the category that I see them . KEY PRODUCT FOCUS: Please pick the three most exciting boards from your . The surfboard world and the snowboard world are SOOOOO different though.

TECHNOLOGICALLY TOUGHER – environMENTALLY NICER! We will change everything you know about surfboards. Shop for great deals online or visit our Vancouver, Canada store. Mir gefallen die Boards von Libtech sehr gut nur Blicke ich auf deren Seite leider nicht so richtig durch, was es mit dem ganzen Kram wie . The fellas from the US Pacific NW, who began making . In fact when I bought the board I thought the base looked a bit odd. Not only does this board have.

He presented it as one of his top . Each year our experiMENTAL Division handbuilds new shapes, flexes, contours, . Also known as Waterboards, these boards are a huge step in the right . Die Outline des Surfboards ist sehr . Snowboard – Skate Banana von Lib . View product photos, reviews, check out videos and . Has anyone ridden their boards before? We just got some pretty cool new boards from Libtech. The popular and egological snowboard manufacturers have spread their green . Das perfekte Board für alle Bedingungen, das immer in deinen Quiver passen.